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Top 3: Searching Strategies:

  1. Identify Key Concepts
    1. Identify Key Concepts, ideas
    2. Revise into Keywords or phrases

i.Keyword searching broadens:

ii.Phrase searching narrows (put words in quotes):


  1. Filter- To further refine your Searches by
    1. Full-Text, Format, or even Date Range


  1. Try a    or Truncation Searching:
    1. Child*= child, child's, children, children's, childhood
    2. Wom?n= Woman, Women

Bonus Tips:

  1. If we don’t have what you need, We Will Find It!
    1. Submit a request for material by selecting the button:

       2. If you want to come back to the material later, look for email or Permalinks. So that you get the direct link to the item.

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