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Chicago Style (Author/Date)

Movie or Film Recording

Last name, First name.  Year of original release.  Title.  Place of recording production: Production name, release date of recording.  Format.

Cite in text: (Last name Released year)


George, Terry, dir. 2004. Hotel Rwanda. United States: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment, 2005. DVD.

Cite in text: (George 2004)

Television Broadcast

Person (s) primarily responsible for the content. Year of broadcast. “Title of segment.” Title of Program. Network. Broadcast on month, day, year.  URL. (if you viewed it online)

Cite in text: (Last name Broadcasted year)


Zuckerberg, Mark. 2010. “Interview by Lesley Stahl.” 60 Minutes. CBS. Broadcast on December 5, 2010.

(Zuckerberg 2010)

Online Multimedia (e.g. YouTube Video)

Citations of online multimedia are not simple.  A few examples are listed in this guide.  However, for more details, consult the the Chicago Manual of Style.


Copy-Me.  2014.  “Early Copyright History.”  YouTube video, 7:04.  Posted October 13, 2014.

Cite in text: (Copy-Me 2014)


Feinberg, Danielle.  2015.  “The Magic Ingredient That Brings Pixar Movies To Life.”  Ted video, 12:04.  Filmed November.

Cite in text: (Feinberg 2015)

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