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DJCG-300 The Nuremberg Trials

Impact on International Law


The Nuremberg trials changed the course of international law by serving as a model for future international tribunals, present-day courts at the Hague, and the trials of later genocides such as those in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Furthermore, the trials initiated a global movement toward establishing an International Criminal Court, which was finally achieved with the Rome Statute nearly fifty years later. Finally, the process and procedures at Nuremberg were a major influence on the following international documents, as well:

Researching the impact of the trials

Using HeinOnline

Users may look to the Law Journal Library to further research the impact of Nuremberg on international law. HeinOnline uses machine learning to extract topics and entities (relevant locations, persons, organizations, etc.) from individual articles. Utilize these extracted topics for easy searching.

Navigate to the Advanced Search option hyperlinked in blue under the main search bar. Enter any relevant keywords into the text boxes, and then search for relevant subjects within the “Topics” field. For researching the impact of Nuremberg on international law, many relevant topics are available. Craft an advanced search by modeling the below to yield more than 7,400 results.

Click on any article within the Law Journal Library to use the More Like This tool, found in the upper right-hand corner of any article page. Users will be redirected to “interesting words” in the article, as determined by an algorithm. View a list of similar articles based on these words or adjust the terms and their respective weights to narrow the search. For example, view similar articles generated by interesting words from Nuremberg’s Contributions to International Law.