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CSE (Council of Science Editors) Style Guide

Chapter in an Edited Book

To cite a specific chapter in an edited book, include the author(s) and title of the chapter, as well as the editor(s) and title of the book.


General Format


In-Text Citation:
(Editor date)


Reference List:
Author(s) AA. Year. Title of chapter. In: Editor(s) BB, editor(s). Title of book. Edition. Place of publication (State or Prov): Publisher name. p. page range.




In-Text Citation:
(Dube and Sekhwela 2008)
Reference List:

Dube OP, Sekhwela MBM. 2008. Indigenous knowledge, institutions and practices for coping with variable climate in the Limpopo Basin of Botswana. In: Leary N, Adejuwon J, Barros V, Burton I, Kulkarni J, Lasco R, editors. Climate change and adaptation. London: Earthscan. p. 71-89.