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Lynn University Archives


In July 2017, the Lynn University Archives began using Archive-It, a subscription-based web archiving service from the Internet Archive, to collect and preserve Lynn University's web presence. Archive-It provides full-text searchable access to archived versions of Lynn University websites. Currently, the entire domain, as well as, myLynn, iPulse, the library website (and more) are being captured. Most captured content is accessible to the general public. It is browseable and full-text searchable below OR on the web here.


How it works

Lea Iadarola, Lynn University Archivist, creates collections, which are made up of like-grouped URLs. Then, Archive-It technology crawls the URLs or collections either as a one-time capture or at regularly scheduled intervals. The captured data can be viewed approximately 24 hours after the crawl completes. Then, it takes up to 7 days for Archive-It to fully index the content and for it to become full-text searchable by users. Added metadata providing context, such as source and description, can be added to the collection and/or the individual URLs.

If you would like to see a past version of a Lynn website and you can't find what you are looking for here, please contact Lea for assistance. Also, if you would like to suggest improvements or changes for web archiving, please contact Lea.


Search Archive-It


Since May 2017, the library has been using ArchiveSocial, a social media archiving tool, to capture and archive Lynn University's social media presence and activity. ArchiveSocial connects with most leading social media networks: Facebook, Flickr, lnstagram, Linkedln, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Social media's dynamic nature makes it challenging to completely and accurately capture and archive content. Because ArchiveSocial connects with social media platforms through their APls (application programming interfaces), it is able to capture and archive social media content (text, videos, and photos) across all platforms and accounts continuously, even if a comment or post is later deleted.

Videos and photos archive in the uploaded resolution (not as links or thumbnails) and posts are time/date stamped. With the captured content, ArchiveSocial creates a searchable archive of all of Lynn's social media accounts across multiple platforms. Please note, ArchiveSocial captured content will not be open to or searchable by the general public or the Lynn community at large. Only a few users will have access.


How it works

Lynn University social media account holders use the ArchiveSocial portal to connect to their Lynn accounts. Account holders select the social media platform, log in with his/her credentials, and then the system begins automatically capturing and archiving the content. We currently have 78 Lynn University social media accounts connected.