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Student Research Symposium

Committee Members

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Symposium Committee:

Erika Doctor, Chair:

Melissa Lehman:

Begum Kaplan:

Brittany Kiser:

Lea Iadarola:

Amy An:

Symposium Poster Presentation, Claudia Milhano with Dr. Kristen Migliano, 2019

Symposium Poster Presentation, Cheree' Faulk & Dr. Alanna Lecher, 2019

Symposium Poster Presentation, Sarah Hughes & Dr. Alanna Lecher, 2019

Research Paper Winner Carlota Garcia with Dean Gary Villa and librarian Leecy Barnett, 2019


Lynn University’s Student Symposium was launched several years ago to celebrate student research accomplishments at Lynn. The event honors the finest of our students' work, and offers students an opportunity to have a unique and valuable academic experience. While this event began in the College of Arts and Sciences, it is now offered university-wide.

Awards are presented in each of these categories:

  • Oral presentation: a brief conference-style talk that includes a digital visual aid
  • Research poster: an academic poster presentation of original research
  • Full research paper: a substantial piece of academic writing including original research using scholarly sources

2024 Symposium Information