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Information about Grants

Grants Databases

  • The Social Impact Lab has access to the Funding Information Network (FIN) -- a grants database for nonprofits. It has over 140,000 opportunities for nonprofit funding, and over 10,000 opportunities from private funders. To use the database, however, one must go to the Social Impact Lab. There is no remote access for it. 
  • is a searchable database of all grant opportunities offered by Federal Agencies.
  • GrantWatch publishes grants by foundations, corporations, states, locales and the federal government.
  • America's Seed Fund is developed by the Small Business Administration, and offers highly competitive programs that encourage domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) with the potential for commercialization.

Grant Policies and Procedures

Any Lynn employee wishing to apply for a grant should first discuss it with, and get approval from, their dean or director. Then, they should contact Lisa Miller with the University Advancement Office for more information. They can call, text, or email Lisa. Her contact information is:, 561-237-7745 (office), 561-866-0428 (cell). Lisa will review the grant information, request more information if necessary, then will email the grant committee for their approval. Responses from the grant committee tend to take 2-3 days.

The grant review committee considers the following items, all of which should be answered thoroughly:

      1. What is the size and scope of the grant?
      2. Is the corporation/foundation one that should be associated with Lynn University?
      3. What is the level of involvement from the University Advancement Office?
      4. How much reporting is required?
      5. What is the cost to the university? And can those costs be included in the grant?
      6. Does the grant require hiring employees?

The university is not set up to handle large grants that require any special accounting systems or additional staff for grant reports. The committee is more likely to approve grants that are affiliated with companies, foundations, or grantors that are appropriate partners for Lynn University. Organizations associated with any fraudulent practices or poor employee treatment are not appropriate partners. The committee is more likely to approve grants that do not require sharing the entire university budget, do not require the University to hire people to be paid by the grant, and grants that do allow for overhead costs in the budget.

The University Advancement Office will help keep track of due dates for reports. They will collect some information required for a grant, as it is being written, and during the grant period. 

The Advancement department officially considers overhead costs to be 25%, for the purpose of grant applications. 

How to Get Funded

Get valuable insight into the process for finding, applying for, and securing funding.