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Music Library

Colors make browsing easy!

The spine color of the bound music scores represents the kind of the instrument:

Purple - Piano
Green - Violin
Aqua - Woodwind
Yellow - Brass
White - Percussion
Red - String Ensemble
Beige - Orchestra
Maroon - Vocal Music

Categories for Music CDs

G: Solo Instrumental Music  
Piano GP
Flute GWF
Oboe GWO
Clarinet GWC
Bassoon GWB
Horn GWH
Trumpet GWTP
Trombone GWTN
Percussion GX
Guitar and Harp GG
F: Chamber Music  
Piano Ensemble FP
Piano and Strings FPS
Strings FS
Wind Ensemble FW
Woodwind Ensemble FWW
Brass Ensemble FBW
Percussion Ensemble FX
E: Orchestral Music  
General Orchestral Music EA
Ballet Music EB
Concertos EC
Concertos - Piano ECP
Concertos - Woods ECW
Concertos - Woodwind ECWW
Concertos - Brass ECWB
Concertos - Percussion ECX
Concertos - Violin ECV
Concertos - Viola, Cello and Bass ECS
Opera - Complete B
Opera - Excerpts BE
Choral Music C
Vocal Solo Music D
Music Anthology A
Band Music H
Electronic, Mechanical music J
Musical Shows K
Soundtracks L
Jazz MJ
Folk and Ethnic Music (International) Q
Christmas Music RC
Varieties and Humor S