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Student Research Symposium

Join us for the 2024 Student Research Symposium on April 19 from 11AM - 2PM in the de Hoernle International Building (Henke room).

NOTICE! The deadline for Research Papers has been extended to April 19.

Student Research Symposium poster presentation winners Indyah Ferrouillet and Bemsimbom Nkuo, 2023.

Oral Presentation winner Gabriela Nunez with Dr. Graeme Gardner, 2023.

Jonathan Newman and Anden Velez discuss their poster, "Calcium Ions Effect on Planaria Feeding Behavior," 2023.

Symposium Poster Presentation, Claudia Milhano with Dr. Kristen Migliano, 2019

Research Paper Winner Carlota Garcia with Dean Gary Villa and librarian Leecy Barnett, 2019

What is the Student Research Symposium?

The Student Research Symposium celebrates student research accomplishments at Lynn University. The event combines two previous events: the College of Arts and Sciences Research Symposium and the Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Library Research Paper Award. In 2019, these events were combined into one Research Symposium offered to all Lynn University students.  

Awards are presented for research projects in these categories: 

  • Oral Presentation: a 10-minute, conference-style talk that includes a digital presentation.  
  • Research Poster: an academic poster presentation of original research. 
  • Research Paper: an academic research paper (or video) of original research with a clear, arguable thesis that is well-supported by scholarly sources.  


The winning presentation, poster, and research paper will be announced at the Symposium and entered into SPIRAL, the Lynn University digital institutional repository.  


To apply, enroll in the Canvas Course: Student Symposium 2024. Submit the completed form before the application deadline: March 1, 2024.

NOTICE! The deadline for Research Papers has been extended to April 19.