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Student Research Symposium

How to Apply

We welcome submissions for the 2024 Lynn University Student Research Symposium. Submit an application by enrolling in the Canvas Course: Student Symposium 2024. The Application will open during Spring Block A.

Submission Eligibility & Requirements


  • Individuals must be currently enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students at Lynn University (recent graduates may submit work only if it was completed in their last year and with the permission of the Symposium Committee).
  • All class levels and disciplines are eligible. 
  • Projects must have been conducted as part of a Lynn University course or under the supervision of a Lynn faculty member in the past 12 months. Projects that will be considered include:
    • Finished research projects
    • Analysis of pre-existing data sets
    • Conceptual submissions proposing a solution to a problem based on previous research
    • Case studies
  • Submissions must include a faculty sponsor (see below).
  • Students must consent to their work being placed in SPIRAL, Lynn's institutional repository. 



Requirements for the application and presentations vary depending on the category, so please follow the instructions carefully. All submissions require the author's name(s), author's email address(es), faculty sponsor, and project title. 

  • Oral Presentations must meet the following requirements:  
    • Submit an application with an abstract of 250 words or less to Canvas by the deadline (listed in the Symposium Canvas Course) 
    • If you are selected to present, you must:
      • Attend a required practice session before the symposium (the committee will contact you with details).
      • Present in person at the symposium (10 minutes in length).
      • Submit your PowerPoint slides by the deadline (listed in the Symposium Canvas Course). 
      • Ensure the presentation is accessible to a general audience (i.e. students in other majors or the general public).
      • Explicitly state what you did and what your findings were (see the rubric for more details).


  • Research Poster Presentations must meet the following requirements:
    • Submit an abstract of 250 words or less to Canvas by the deadline (listed in the Symposium Canvas Course). 
    • If you are selected to present a poster, you must:
      • Be present to explain the poster and answer questions during the symposium (see the rubric for full details)
      • Submit to Canvas a printable, full-sized PDF (48 inches wide and 36 inches tall) by the deadline (listed in the Symposium Canvas Course)
      • Follow the Academic Poster Page for guidance on constructing your poster. 


  • Research Papers (or videos) must meet the following guidelines:
    • Submit an application and upload the finished work to Canvas before the deadline (listed in the Symposium Canvas Course). Papers (or videos) originally written as a class assignment may need revision to meet the standards outlined in the rubric
    • To be considered for an award, papers or videos must:
      • Include a clear, arguable thesis well-supported by at least ten (10) scholarly sources with links (see the rubric for full details).
      • Be edited to ensure accurate spelling, grammar, and citation format before submission.
      • Be reviewed by the faculty advisor to ensure the submission meets the criteria of the rubric. 

Note. The paper award has no required length or topic; research proposals and creative writing are not accepted.


Faculty Sponsors: All applications must include a faculty sponsor. Please ask your faculty member before you submit your application. 

  • The faculty sponsors should guide students through this event, helping in the preparation of the oral presentation abstract and presentation, creating poster abstracts, posters, and poster presentations, and revising papers before submission.
  • Faculty sponsors should review the appropriate rubric with students before submission.