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DBR 300: Sex, Love, & Gender

Lynn Databases

For scholarly and peer-reviewed research articles

For an overview on topics in gender issues and feminism.

Follow the instructions for each database to look up your topic (LGBTQ, Women's Rights, Same-sex Marriage, Gender Equality, Gender Identity, Divorce, Gay Rights, Feminism, LGBT and Marriage Equality, etc).

Peer-Reviewed Journals in Gender and Feminist Studies

  • American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy, & the Law (ProQuest)
  • Columbia Journal of Gender and Law (Academic OneFile)
  • Feminist Formations (in ProQuest)
  • Feminist Issues (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • Feminist Studies (Literary Reference Center)
  • Frontiers (ProQuest)
  • Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide (ProQuest)
  • Gender and Education (ProQuest)
  • Gender & History (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • Gender Studies (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • International Journal of Transgenderism (national library of medicine - use the library's main search box)
  • Journal of Gender Studies (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • Journal of International Women's Studies (ProQuest)
  • Journal of Marriage and the Family (ProQuest)
  • Journal of Women and Aging (ProQuest)
  • Meridians (ProQuest)
  • Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (APA PsycArticles)
  • Sexuality and Culture (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • Studies in Gender & Sexuality (Academic Search Ultimate)
  • Transgender Health (ProQuest)
  • Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality (Academic Onefile)