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Lynn University Digital Press

Embrace iPad®-powered learning
This is college reimagined.

The Press's Mission

Founded in 2013, the Lynn University Digital Press (LUDP), part of the Lynn University Library, is dedicated to innovative publishing, to advance research and understanding in the Lynn community, and to improve engagement with scholarly knowledge. In this way, we contribute to Lynn’s mission to be an agile, innovative institution of higher learning, and advance the university’s public service mission.

Specifically, the LUDP works with Lynn faculty authors to create multi-touch books for the iPad, tailored for Lynn students. These books are a mix of original content, open educational resources, multimedia, and more. 

With our authors and others, we play a critical role in the teaching and learning mission of the University by developing new technologies and pedagogies in creating digital instructional materials that promote college success for students. We champion the Library's research and scholarly communication missions through publishing, distribution, and preservation of academic works.

We leverage faculty-authored works, library resources, and open-access resources to reduce student expenditures on textbooks, books, and journals.