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Lynn University Digital Press

FAQs for Authors

Are LUDP books only authored by Lynn faculty, or can anyone submit a manuscript to the LUDP?

At this time, all LUDP books are authored by Lynn faculty. However, in the future the press may expand to include other authors. If you are interested in potentially publishing with us, please review our workflow attached below, So You Want to Write an iBook, and fill out our Proposal Form.

Are Lynn faculty required to write these books?

No. Faculty volunteer to write them. They receive a stipend once the books are completed. 

How are the books developed and written?

Faculty members propose a text they want to write, and choose whether they want to create an original text with completely original content, a workbook with original content, or a book using compilations of open educational resources. Once the proposal is approved through the Office of Academic Affairs, the faculty member begins the writing and development process, assisted by our Academic Editor, Instructional Designers, faculty trainers, librarians, and General Counsel. Authors have some freedom and flexibility in design and layout of their iBook but are required to conform to our Style Guide attached below. 

How does the LUDP handle copyright and permissions for media within iBooks?

Instructional designers, librarians and the General Counsel work hard to ensure copyright compliance, using public domain and Creative Commons-licensed media, and tracking permissions and Fair Use evaluations carefully. The library has a website to assist authors in finding copyright-friendly resources for their work. Our faculty authors receive copyright training, and we maintain a  website for authors and creators  intended to educate authors about intellectual propertyHowever, since much of the iBooks’ content is Lynn-faculty-authored, copyright is somewhat less of a concern.