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Librarian Presentation - Amy An

Research as a process vs. a straight line


research steps linear v recursive

Note. Adapted from, "A word or two on the writing process," by L. L. Irwin, n.d., The Write Place: Guides for Writing and Grammar [blog]. CC BY-NC 4.0

Library Tools

Writing is often recursive, meaning you repeat steps and circle back as often as needed. "Ask a Librarian!" for the tools and information we have to help with each step of the process. 


Step Tasks Library Tools (Ask a Librarian!)
  • Choose a topic
  • Define the scope of the topic
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Gather evidence/data
  • Take notes
  • Plan a research strategy - choose a database(s), gather more evidence/data, identify and find the information you need
  • Develop a thesis or research question
  • Outline/Mind map - with quotes and ideas from your sources
  • Organize your ideas
  • Library Guides (to choose a database for your subject area)
  • Database help: Chat with a librarian (Click "Ask a Librarian!" on the right or come in-person)
  • Write a first draft
  • Analyze your information
  • Develop your ideas (Writing is the process of discovering what you think)
  • Title page, reference list, in-text citations
Feedback & Reflection
  • Get feedback from peers or instructors
  • Give yourself time to reflect on your ideas and writing
  • Revise the ideas and organization
  • Edit language & grammar
  • Fix citations
  • APA feedback from a librarian - in-person, chat, or email
  • Grammarly Lynn sign up
Additional Research
  • Learn from the feedback and revision where your gaps are
  • Do more research and go back to planning, revising your draft, and getting feedback
  • Database help: Chat with a librarian (Click "Ask a Librarian!" on the right or come in-person)
  • Library guides
Final Draft After repeating the entire process as long as needed, edit and submit the final draft