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Writing Fellowships

Lynn University Writing Fellowship


This fellowship is awarded to 3 faculty per year, with no more than 2 faculty or faculty teams coming from the same college or academic unit.  The fellowship is competitive and if completed will result in a course release (with permission of their dean), funding to attend a discipline-specific writing workshop or payment of publishing costs (up to $2500).  Faculty may apply as a group, in which case they will decide whether to take the publishing costs or writing workshop option together or which of the faculty will receive the course release.  Applications will occur in the spring and the fellowship will begin over summer, with a series of writing workshops and writing group meetings.  So long as the faculty makes satisfactory progress over the summer, they may take the course release anytime during the academic year.  The faculty member may not teach overload the semester they take the course release, with the exception of directed study, Lynn 101, internship supervision, or J-term specific classes.  The purpose of the course release is to allow time to finish writing or for revising the paper, when it is returned from peer-review.  Faculty who complete the program will be honored at the ACE Awards the following spring. While entrance into the program (and the publishing fees/course release) is competitive, any faculty may join in on any of the faculty workshops or writing groups as part of their faculty development.

Fellows must wait at least 1 year before reapplying.


Research Requirements

This is a writing fellowship aimed at improving the university’s scholarship related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Links to an external site.).  Therefore research and scholarship suited to this fellowship meet the following requirements:

  • Must align with the UN SDGs as per the keyword algorithm, special consideration given to UN SDGS 3, 4, 5, 10 and 17
  • Will result in a published paper in a peer-reviewed journal in SCOPUS
  • Be at a point where the project is advanced and only writing remains


Research may relate to any of the UN SDGs, but preference will be given to the goals listed below:


3: Good Health and Wellbeing- This includes any research related to improving health, wellness, and healthcare.  Any topic within the health and wellness realm is welcome, but an emphasis on clinical applications of research is preferred.

4: Quality Education- This includes any research or scholarship aimed at improving life long education from cradle to grave and access to education.  Topics may be focused on pedagogy or programs.

5: Gender Equality- This includes research or scholarship about gender related issues such as reproductive rights, women’s education, male unemployment, LGBTQ issues, etc.

10: Reduced Inequalities- This includes any research or scholarship related to understanding the underlying factors of or implementing change to reduce inequalities related to gender, race, nationality, etc.

17: Partnerships for the Goal- This includes any research that includes co-authors from developing countries or research conducted in partnership with collaborators from other countries about any of the UN SDGS.


To evaluate which of the UN SDGs your research or scholarship best falls under it is suggested you use this keyword algorithm (Links to an external site.).  There is a separate algorithm for each SGD.  Apply this algorithm against your suggested title.  Be certain to pay special attention to word pairings that are either included or excluded.  


Program Requirements

To stay in good status with the fellowship requirements, you are expected to complete all of the actions below.  Failure to fully complete the requirements may result in 1: not receiving the publication costs or course release, 2: required repayment of funds used to attend a writing workshop, or 3) teaching an extra class over summer or the following year to make up for the course release.


  • The fellows will attend the 3-day workshop held at Lynn or will attend an approved alternative writing workshop.
  • Fellows will attend at least 4 of the 12 summer writing groups/workshops.
  • By the first day of the fall semester, the fellows will furnish to the Research & Scholarship Committee and their dean a working draft of their paper and a plan to finish the paper.
  • Fellows will attend most, if not all of the monthly fellows meetings during the year, when they will check in on their progress.
  • Fellows will submit a paper to an appropriate journal (peer-reviewed, indexed on scopus) by April 1st the following year of their application.
  • Fellows who fail to complete the program may be required to pay back funds used to attend a discipline specific writing group or if a course release was taken, to teach a summer class or an additional class the following year to make up for their course release. 


Application Instructions

Download the (link to other attachment).  After filling it out, email it to Dr. Alanna Lecher ( by February 1st each year.

If you are submitting as a team, list each team member's name, rank etc.  However, the team must work together for each of the open response/essay questions to submit 1 cohesive abstract or summary for each.