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Research & Scholarship-related Software

This page contains a list of research and scholarship-related software that Lynn University has acquired licenses to for faculty only. Unless otherwise noted, these tools are available on all the computers in the library and computer lab, and may be added to faculty and staff computers by contacting Lynn Network and Support Services.

IT Support

Citation Managers

Citation managers are software tools that help you collect, organize, share, and cite sources that you find.

  • Build your library: You can add all types of sources to a citation manager, like articles, books, interviews, videos, and more.
  • Add to your library with a click: Many have plugins or extensions that let you add sources from library databases, catalogs, and websites directly from a browser.
  • Organize your library: Use tags, lists, and folders to organize your library.
  • Build your citations and reference list: Make in-text citations and automatically build your reference list with just a click. It will also update your references as you edit!

Mendeley - download all three parts, Reference Manager, Mendeley Cite, and Web Importer for full functionality

Zotero - download Zotero and a Zotero Connector for full functionality

Both require help from IT to install on Lynn devices.At this time, Lynn does not have licenses for these and they are not on library computers.


Qualtrics is a professional survey software that includes basic analysis. It is ideal for survey-based research and is a good option for administering surveys that require IRB approval.

To set up an account, faculty and staff should go to the help portal in myLynn, click on the University Data Services Portal, then Internal Survey Assistance, then Qualtrics System Access from the drop-down menu in the messaging system to request an account to be created. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an ideal software for creating graphics and images. It is also a valuable tool for refining figures made in other software (e.g. Excel) to be publication quality. Illustrator can be used to add annotations, increase resolution or size, and more. See IT for access to this tool.


SPSS is the Statistics Package for Social Sciences, although many disciplines beyond the social sciences use it as well. SPSS provides robust statistics and data analytics. See IT for access to this tool.


ArcGIS is a geographical information systems software that allows for map making, cartography, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Pro can be accessed on any of the PCs in the library or in IBC 107. Access to ArcGIS online can be set up by contacting Lynn’s program administrator Dr. Alanna Lecher (”


NVivo 14 "allows researchers to organize, analyze and visualize their data, finding the patterns it contains." See IT for access to this tool.


GraphPad is a data visualization software that can be used to create graphs and figures of data beyond the capabilities of Excel. A very limited number of licenses are available for Lynn Faculty and Staff. See IT for access to this tool.