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What is a Record? What is Records Management?

Records are documents (hardcopy and digital) that are created by Lynn University employees, have value, and document official business.

Records management is the systematic control of records, from the creation or receipt of the record to its final disposition.


Records Lifecycle

Records are subject to a Records Lifecyle and the length of time a Record is retained and the final disposition is dependent on the content of the Record.

  • Creation or Receipt
  • Use and Distribution
  • Active Storage and Maintenance
  • Inactive Retention
  • Disposition
    • Destroy (Shredding/Recycling/Deletion)
    • Archival Preservation/Send to Archives


Why Records Management is Important

  • Controls (over)growth of records
  • Saves the university time and money
  • Improves discoverability of documents 
  • Saves storage/office space
  • Meets legal/regulatory compliance (must meet minimum requirements for federal, state, accrediting bodies)
  • Preserves institutional memory of the university
  • Addresses privacy concerns