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Definition of "Clean Water & Sanitation"

The sixth goal is clean water and sanitation - "to implement clean water solutions globally.

  • achieve universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all
  • achicieve access to adequate sanitation and hygience for all
  • improve water quality by reduction pollution
  • eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials"

Taylor and Francis. (n.d.). SDG online: Goal 6: Clean water and sanitationURL

Helpful UN links for SDG #6 Clean Water & Sanitation

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Suggested search terms for Goal #6 Clean Water & Sanitation

These keywords are SOME of the terms that will help you research this goal. Use these in the main search box on the library homepage, library databases, and Google. Try combining them for the best search.

Develop your own key terms as you read about your topic and solution.

Note: Put quotation marks around phrases when you search (ie "battered child syndrome")


antifouling membrane
aquatic toxicology OR water toxicology OR aquatic ecotoxicology OR water ecotoxicology
black water
blue water
clean drinking water
clean water
endocrine disruptor
freshwater availability OR fresh water availability 
freshwater OR fresh water
green water
grey water
groundwater OR ground water OR ground-water
hygienic toilet
open defecation
pollutant OR pollution OR contamina* 
pollution remediation OR pollutant removal
safe drinking water 
Safe water access 
safe water source
sanitation and hygiene OR sanitation & hygiene
waste water 
waste water treatment OR wastewater treatment
water availability
water conservation 
water ecosystem OR eco-system
water footprint
water infrastructure
water management
water pollution OR water pollutant
water purification
water quality
water scarcity
water security
water shortage
water supply 
water use
water-use efficiency

For more about the key terms, see the Elsevier 2019 Scopus queries.