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Definition of "Climate Action"

"The thirteenth goal demands immediate action to combat climate change and its effects. SDG13 stresses the urgent need to build resilience and adaptive capacity to confront threats associated with the climate crisis and the need to develop policy that recognizes the needs of the most vulnerable communities." And improve education on climate change mitigation, impact reduction, and early warning.

UN Sustainable Development Goals. (2023). In Gale Global Issues Online Collection. Gale. URL 

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Helpful UN links for SDG #13 Climate Action

To cite figures from the "Tracker" link -- Step #1: click the "share" button on the figure (bottom right). Step #2: copy the link. Step #3: paste it into a browser and open it. Step #4: cite that website as the source of the figure. Note. Use the "updated on" date as the date of publication in your citation.

Suggested search terms for Goal #13 Climate Action

These keywords are SOME of the terms that will help you research this goal. Use these in the main search box on the library homepage, library databases, and Google. Try combining them for the best search.

Develop your own key terms as you read about your topic and solution.

Note: Put quotation marks around phrases when you search (ie "extreme poverty")

Key terms:

clean development mechanism   
climate action   
climate adaptation   
climate AND adaptive management 
climate AND bioeconomy 
Climate AND consumption 
Climate AND food chain 
Climate AND greenhouse   
Climate AND megacit*   
Climate AND radiative forcing   
Climate AND sea ice   
Climate AND sea level 
Climate AND small island developing states 
Climate AND sustainable development education  
Climate AND thermal expansion 
climate awareness   
 climate capitalism 
climate change  
climate effect   
climate equity   
climate feedback   
climate finance OR  climate change financing   
climate forcing   
climate governance   
Climate hazard*   
climate impact   
climate investment   
climate justice   
climate mitigation   
climate model OR climate modeling OR climate modelling   
climate policy 
climate prediction 
climate risk 
climate services 
climate signal 
climate tipping point   
climate variation 
disaster risk reduction OR environmental education   
ecoclimatology OR eco-climatology   
energy conservation 
glacier retreat   
Green Climate Fund   
ice-ocean interaction 
nitrogen cycle 
ocean acidification   
regional climate OR urban climate


For more about the key terms, see the Elsevier 2019 Scopus queries.