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Definition of "Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure"

"The ninth goal encourages the development of:

  • resilient infrastructure,
  • inclusive and sustainable industrialization.
  • areas where innovation can improve production capacity, financial systems, and technology integration so that the global economy can better weather crises."

UN Sustainable Development Goals. (2023). In Gale Global Issues Online Collection. Gale. URL

Helpful UN links for SDG #9 Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

To cite figures from the "Tracker" link -- Step #1: click the "share" button on the figure (bottom right). Step #2: copy the link. Step #3: paste it into a browser and open it. Step #4: cite that website as the source of the figure. Note. Use the "updated on" date as the date of publication in your citation.

Suggested search terms for Goal #9 Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

These keywords are SOME of the terms that will help you research this goal. Use these in the main search box on the library homepage, library databases, and Google. Try combining them for the best search.

Develop your own key terms as you read about your topic and solution.

Note: Put quotation marks around phrases when you search (ie "extreme poverty")

Key terms:

accessible transportation
broadband access AND developing countries
closed loop supply chain
cradle to cradle AND industry
green product
green products
inclusive innovation
inclusive transportation
industrial AND innovation
industrial diversification
industrial emissions AND mitigation 
industrial growth
industrial waste management
industrial waste treatment
infrastructural development
infrastructural investment
infrastructure investment
manufacturing innovation
manufacturing investment
medium enterprise
medium entrepreneur
microenterprise*OR micro-enterprise*OR small enterprise
process innovation
product innovation
public infrastructure
R&D investment
resilient infrastructure
small enterprise
small entrepreneur
sustainable manufacturing
sustainable transportation
traffic congestion
transborder infrastructure
transportation services
value chain management


For more about the key terms, see the Elsevier 2019 Scopus queries.