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Definition of "Decent Work & Economic Growth

"The ambitions of SDG8 involve:

  • ensuring access to full and productive employment, decent work, and training for people of all genders, young people, and persons with disabilities, while
  • promoting strong labor protections and reliable financial systems.
  • It also aims to eliminate forced labor, child labor, the use of child soldiers, and human trafficking."

UN Sustainable Development Goals. (2023). In Gale Global Issues Online Collection. Gale. URL

Helpful UN links for SDG #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

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Suggested search terms for Goal #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

These keywords are SOME of the terms that will help you research this goal. Use these in the main search box on the library homepage, library databases, and Google. Try combining them for the best search.

Develop your own key terms as you read about your topic and solution.

Note: Put quotation marks around phrases when you search (ie "extreme poverty")

Key terms:

access to banking 
Aid for Trade   
carbon offset OR carbon offsetting 
child labour OR child labor 
child soldier 
circular economy   
cradle to cradle AND economy 
decent job   
economic decoupling   
economic development   
economic development policy   
economic diversification   
economic globalization OR economic globalisation   
economic growth   
economic productivity   
employment policy   
employment protection   
equal income   
equal wages   
financial access   
financial inclusion   
forced labour OR forced labor 
Foreign Development Investment   
full employment   
global jobs   
human trafficking   
inclusive economic growth   
inclusive economy   
inclusive growth 
informal employment   
job creation   
labor market disparities   
labor market institution OR labour market institution 
labour right OR labor right 
living wage   
low-carbon economy   
material footprint   
medium enterprise   
medium entrepreneur   
microenterprise* OR micro-enterprise* 
microfinanc* OR micro-credit* OR microcredit* 
minimum wage   
modern slavery   
offset project   
precarious employment   
precarious job   
quality job   
resource efficiency    
rural economy   
safe working environment   
small enterprise   
small entrepreneur   
social entrepreneurship   
starting entrepreneur   
sustainable growth   
sustainable tourism OR ecotourism OR community-based tourism   
sustainable tourism policy   
tourism employment   
trade unions   
working poor 



For more about the key terms, see the Elsevier 2019 Scopus queries.