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Definition of "Quality Education"

"The fourth goal sets targets related to early childhood development; primary and secondary education; vocational and academic higher education; and literacy. Several targets within SDG4 identify disparities in education based on factors such as gender, income, and disability status."

  • Ensure inclusive and quality education for all.
  • Promote lifelong learning.
  • Eliminate gender disparities in education.
  • Ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development and care.
  • Ensure equal access to all levels of education for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations.

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Helpful UN links for SDG #4 Quality Education

To cite figures from the "Tracker" link -- Step #1: click the "share" button on the figure (bottom right). Step #2: copy the link. Step #3: paste it into a browser and open it. Step #4: cite that website as the source of the figure. Note. Use the "updated on" date as the date of publication in your citation.

Suggested search terms for Goal #4 Quality Education

These keywords are SOME of the terms that will help you research this goal. Use these in the main search box on the library homepage, library databases, and Google. Try combining them for the best search.

Develop your own key terms as you read about your topic and solution.

Note: Put quotation marks around phrases when you search (ie "battered child syndrome")


school OR education OR educational OR schooling
school attendance OR school enrollment OR educational enrollment
inclusive education OR inclusive education system
special education needs
educational inequality OR education quality 
equal opportunities
adult literacy
numeracy rate
literacy rate
development aid AND teacher training OR foreign aid AND teacher training 
teacher training AND developing countries
educational environment 
educational access
early childhood education
basic education
affordable education
educational financial aid
school safety OR safety in school
learning opportunities AND gender disparities OR learning opportunity AND gender disparities
learning opportunities AND empowerment OR learning opportunity AND empowerment 
youth empowerment OR women empowerment
child labour OR child labor
educational gap 
gender disparities
ethnic disparities
racial disparities
education exclusion OR education dropouts
sustainable development education
education policy OR educational policies 
international education
education reform OR educational reform
developing countries AND educational governance
developing countries AND education expenditure
teacher attrition

For more about the key terms, see the Elsevier 2019 Scopus queries.