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APA Help

Journal article

Author(s). (Year). Article title. Journal Title, volume in italics(issue number), pages. URL or DOI

Example with one author: 

Rosenbeck, B. (2018). Liberalization of divorce. Scandinavian Journal of History, 43(1), 18–39.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Rosenbeck, 2018).
  • In-text quote: (Rosenbeck, 2018, p. 29).

Example with multiple authors:

Bjedov, I., Toivonen, J. I., Kerr, F., Slack, B., Jacobson, J., Foley, A., & Partridge, L. (2010). Mechanisms of life span extension by rapamycin in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Cell Metabolism,11(1), 35-46.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Bjedov et al., 2010).
  • In-text quote: (Bjedov et al., 2010, p. 37).

Example with 21 or more authors

Bergh, C., Callmar, M., Danemar, S., Hölcke, M., Isberg, S., Leon, M., Lindgren, J., Lundqvist, Å., Niinimaa, M., Olofsson, B., Palmberg, K., Pettersson, A., Zandian, M., Åsberg, K., Brodin, U., Maletz, L., Court, J., Iafeta, I., Björnström, M., … Södersten, P. (2013). Effective treatment of eating disorders: Results at multiple sites. Behavioral Neuroscience, 127(6), 878–889.

  • In-text citation: (Bergh et al., 2013).
  • In-text quote: (Bergh et al., 2013, p. 884).

Note. A DOI is a unique Direct Object Identifier assigned to each article in a library database. You may use the DOI or a database permalink, unless your professor specifies one or the other. 

Magazine article

Author(s). (Year, Month Day). Article title. Magazine Title, volume in italics(issue number), pages. URL or DOI


Preston, E. (2015, July 13). How lasers can help clean up beach trash. The Atlantic.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Preston, 2015).
  • In-text quote: (Preston, 2002, para. 8).