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APA Help

Quick Guide to APA Format

Use this Quick Guide as a checklist when formatting your student paper in APA 7th style. For specific examples of student and professional papers, see the Templates tab.

Choose your font style and size. 

APA does not require a specific font style but recommends Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman in 11 or 12pt size. Learn more here. 

Add page numbers to the top right corner.

Numbering should begin with "1" on the title page. Learn more here. 

Set up your title page.

This should include your paper title, your full name, "College of _____, Lynn University", your course number and title, your instructor's name, and the paper's due date. Learn more here.

Make sure your margins (1") and line spacing (2.0) are correct.

Word processors usually use 1" margins as the default page setting. Learn more here.
2.0 line spacing is usually not the default setting, so make sure you change this. Learn more here.
APA also requires you to indent each new paragraph-- don't add an extra space! Learn more here.

If you are using headings, make sure they are formatted correctly.

Headings help the reader navigate a paper (especially a long paper) by clearly marking topics and subtopics. Learn more here. 

Make sure your in-text and reference list citations are formatted correctly.

Click on the Citing Your Sources tab to learn about citations. Learn more here: APA in-text citations and APA reference list citations.

More APA Citation Help

Visit these links for more APA citation information.