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Citing Business Databases

Global Business Browser/D&B Hoovers

Report example:

D&B Hoovers. (2024, February 27). Onestop report: Nike, inc. 

  • In-text paraphrase: (D&B Hoovers, 2024).
  • In-text quote: (D&B Hoovers, 2024, p. 5).

Company Profile example:

D&B Hoovers. (n.d.). Publix Super Markets, inc. [Company profile]. Retrieved February 27, 2024, from

  • In-text paraphrase: (D&B Hoovers, n.d.).
  • In-text quote: (D&B Hoovers, n.d., Company Description section).

Analyst Report example

J. P. Morgan. (2024, February 12). 3M: 4Q wrap and model update [Analyst report]. D&B Hoovers.

  • In-text paraphrase: (J. P. Morgan, 2024).
  • In-text quote: (J. P. Morgan, 2024, p. 1).

Note. There is no direct link for most of the reports or web pages on this database so use the login link.

Passport by Euromonitor International

Report example:

Euromonitor International. (2023, November). Top Global Consumer Trends 2024.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Euromonitor International, 2008).
  • In-text quote: (Euromonitor International, 2008, p. 8).

Analysis/Opinion/Insights example with an individual author:

Cesniene, I. (2021, September 8). Megatrends: Quantifying shifting market frontiers [Opinion]. Euromonitor International.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Cesniene, 2021). 
  • In-text quote: (Cesniene, 2021, para. 3).

Company profile example:

Euromonitor. (2023, October). Nike Inc. in apparel and footwear (USA) [Company profile]. 

  • In-text paraphrase: (Euromonitor, 2023). 

Country report example:

Euromonitor. (2023, November). Dishwashers in the US [Country report]. 

  • In-text paraphrase: (Euromonitor, 2023). 
  • In-text quote: (Euromonitor, 2023, p. 3).

Note. There is no direct link for the reports or webpages on this database so use the login link.

Global Road Warrior

Example with a named author at the bottom of the page

Main, K. (2020). Guatemala: The business experience. Global Road Warrior.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Main, 2020).
  • In-text quote: (Main, 2020, para. 5).

Example with no named author:

Global Road Warrior. (2016). North Macedonia childhood.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Global Road Warrior, 2016).
  • In-text quote: (Global Road Warrior, 2016, para. 3).

Example reprinted from another source (usually graphics):

World Bank Development Indicators, & World Trade Press. (2022, September 28). Consumer price index. Global Road Warrior.

  • In-text paraphrase: (World Bank Development Indicators, 2022).
  • In-text quote: (World Bank Development Indicators, 2022).

Note. Look for a cite tool for Global Road Warrior (on the bottom left) OR follow the models on this page.


Report example

Statista. (2018). Economic outlook United States 

  • In-text paraphrase: (Statista, 2018).
  • In-text quote: (Statista, 2018, p. 2).

Graph example

International Monetary Fund. (April 7, 2023). Projected annual inflation rate in the United States from 2010 to 2028 [Graph]. In Statista

  • In-text paraphrase: (International Monetary Fund [IMF], 2018).

Note. Look for a cite tool for Statista (in the box on the right) OR follow the models on this page.

Gale Business Insights

Report example:

Gale Business Insights. (n.d.). Nike, inc.: Company profile. Retrieved February 27, 2024, from 

  • In-text paraphrase: (Gale Business Insights, n.d.).
  • In-text quote: (Gale Business Insights, n.d., Company Overview section).

Note. Use the "Get Link" tool and copy the URL for the specific page. 

Example reprinted from another source (linked from Business Insights):

Footwear Manufacturing. (2021). In Encyclopedia of American Industries. Gale Business Insights.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Footwear Manufacturing, 2021).
  • In-text quote: (Footwear Manufacturing, 2021, para. 3).

Citing a Form 10-K

Author(s). (Year). Article title. Company Name. Form 10-K. URL


Microsoft Corporation. (2018). Form 10-K 2018.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Microsoft Corporation, 2018). 
  • In-text quote: (Microsoft Corporation, 2018, p. 7).


Citing an Annual Report

Company Name. (Year). Annual report year. URL

Example from the SEC Website:

Microsoft Corporation. (2022). Annual report 2022.

  • In-text paraphrase: (Microsoft Corporation, 2022).
  • In-text quote: (Microsoft Corporation, 2022, Our Culture secction, para. 1).